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In This Issue of JAMA Ophthalmology
September 2013


JAMA Ophthalmol. 2013;131(9):1113. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2013.4131


Little is known about the association of cutaneous vitiligo with uveal melanoma. In this retrospective study, Rishi and colleagues found 6 of 4760 patients with uveal melanoma developing vitiligo over a mean of 77 months. Treatment included observation, plaque radiotherapy, and enucleation. Vitiligo developed bilaterally with multiple well-defined lesions, affecting 5% to 40% of body surface, generally in the upper body. At a mean of 71 months’ follow-up, there was no local tumor recurrence.

There is little data on the long-term follow-up and clinical course of patients with hydroxychloroquine toxicity after cessation of drug treatment. In a retrospective, noninterventional case series of 7 patients seen at 2 tertiary academic referral centers, Mititelu and colleagues described the course of retinopathy using multimodal imaging. Based on their findings of progression of retinopathy in patients with external limiting membrane disruption at diagnosis, as opposed to outer retinal remodeling along with functional improvement in patients with preserved external limiting membrane, the authors highlighted the importance of early detection of the retinopathy through use of multimodal imaging.

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Identifying eye care disparities is the first step towards their elimination. Zhang and colleagues analyzed data from US participants in the 2002 (n = 3586) and the 2008 (n = 3104) National Health Interview Survey aged 40 years and older who reported any age-related eye diseases and found significant differences for both eye care provider visits and dilated eye examinations by socioeconomic positions. In 2008, the slope index of inequality showed a significant difference for eye care provider visits across the levels of educational attainment (25.2, P = .049) and poverty-income ratio (21.8, P = .01).

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