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Case Report/Case Series
June 1961

Nasal Glioma: Report of an Unusual Case Associated with Multiple Spragaleal Glial Nodules

Arch Otolaryngol. 1961;73(6):732-736. doi:10.1001/archotol.1961.00740020746020

Congenital neoplasms consisting of heterotopic central nervous system tissues in the region of the bridge of the nose are uncommon, and those associated with multiple supragaleal glial nodules are indeed rare. These lesions have been variously referred to as ganglioma, astrocytoma, fibroglioma, ganglioblastoma, ganglioneuroschwannospongioblastoma (Montpellier), glioma, and nasal glioma. In 1890, Berger recorded the first case of this type. Schmidt's report in 1900 was more detailed. The tissue usually consists of masses of fibrous astrocytes, occasionally with the admixture of ganglion cells. The present case is unusual because of the association of the nasal mass with multiple supragaleal glial nodules and the deposition of melanin in the nasal mass.

Report of Case  An 8-day-old female infant was admitted to Riley Hospital of the Indiana University Medical Center on April 26, 1957. The pregnancy had been a full-term one, and the delivery was uncomplicated. The mother had had 2 previous pregnancies,