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November 1961

Notched Plastic Tube for Stapes Mobilization

Arch Otolaryngol. 1961;74(5):561. doi:10.1001/archotol.1961.00740030572013

In spite of excellent results with stapedeotomy and grafting, the plastic tube technique for stapes mobilization still remains a very useful procedure in cases where there is some portion of the footplate left which is not involved by the otosclerosis. Complete closure of the air-bone gap is quite common, the procedure is relatively simple, and one does not commit oneself ultimately as is the case with stapedectomy. Plastic tubes, however—as every otosurgeon will agree— may be tricky and behave in quite an erratic way

Fig. 1.—The notch is made at the upper end of the tube on the beveled side. It should be a little less than 1 mm. deep. Cutting against the pick in the tube makes it easier. in the oval window niche. Lifting the long process of the incus (hooks, threads) helps a good deal, but it requires both hands and there is the inherent danger of

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