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February 1962

Management of Serous Otitis Media in Children

Arch Otolaryngol. 1962;75(2):130-137. doi:10.1001/archotol.1962.00740040136011

Introduction  The middle ear disease most commonly and consistently attributed to eustachian tube malfunction1-4 has been referred to throughout the years by one of the following terms: acute catarrhal otitis media, acute nonsuppurative otitis media, tubotympanic catarrh, acute salpingitis, otitis media ex vacuo, tubal catarrh, hydrops ex vacuo, otitis media exudativa, secretory catarrh, aerotitis, otitis media with effusion, secretory otitis media, and serous otitis media.5 Briefly, the disease consists of collections of various fluid substances in the middle ear causing a hearing loss but never exhibiting the progressive course of suppurative otitis media. It will be referred to as serous otitis media (SOM) in this paper.The age incidence, judging from a representative series in the literature, may be from 2 years to 80 years.9 This discussion will be limited to examining the etiologies behind this disease in children; the upper age limit generally falling just before

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