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General E.N.T.
June 1962

The Prevention and Care of Automobile Injuries and Deaths: The Responsibility of the Otolaryngologist Both as a Physician and a Citizen

Arch Otolaryngol. 1962;75(6):536-541. doi:10.1001/archotol.1962.00740040551010

It is the physician's duty to inform the public and its legislative representatives of the seriousness of automotive injuries, for the public is not as yet interested enough to do anything (probably because of the very human trait of believing that such things only happen to the other fellow and because of their indifference to statistical figures and slogans), and their legislative representatives do not want to do anything either. So, they employ a familiar way out of such predicaments by attacking the problem in a manner which insures minimum results.

To correct this basic cause of the rising trend of deaths and injuries associated with the increasing number of vehicles on our highways, we must depend on education. However, it is doubtful that any real improvement can be accomplished soon. This generation is lost to driver education, but if

we plan for the future by seeing that all public,

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