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October 1962

Tympanoplasty — 1961

Arch Otolaryngol. 1962;76(4):377-382. doi:10.1001/archotol.1962.00740050387016

Widespread interest in reconstructive ear procedures is manifest in the literature of 1961. For a short review on the subject only the novel or more seasoned and critical papers are presented. Particular emphasis is being placed on obliteration of the mastoid cavity. Many new techniques of grafting are being reported indicating that this is yet a troublesome aspect of the process.

Reconstruction of the Tympanic Membrane  Acute traumatic perforations of the drum were satisfactorily treated, report Oppenheimer et al.,23 by splinting the fragmented drum on absorbable gelatin sponge (Gelfoam) placed in the tympanum. Beales2 in analyzing myringoplasty warns against too early inflation which may tear new blood vessels. He stresses adequate exploration of the ear to determine the exact extent of pathology.Meatal skin up to the hairline is used by Plester24 to cover perforations. The thickest portion of the flap is used to close large perforations.

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