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Clinical Challenges
April 1998

Laryngeal Electromyography Is a Cost-effective Clinically Useful Tool in the Evaluation of Vocal Fold Function

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Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 1998;124(4):472-475. doi:10.1001/archotol.124.4.472

Laryngology has seen many new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the last 20 years. Laryngeal electromyography (LEMG) is not new. Interest in the electrophysiologic characteristics of laryngeal function in normal and diseased states dates from the 1950s with the seminal LEMG studies of studies by Buchtal, Faborg-Anderson, and others. It received new impetus and interest in the 1980s with the use of LEMG for identification of the intrinsic laryngeal muscles for botulinum toxin injection in the management of spasmodic dysphonia (SD). With the rapid decrease in cost of computers and medical-grade AC amplifiers, today's electromyography (EMG) machine is portable, affordable, and easy to use. These factors have prompted some laryngologists to apply LEMG in clinical practice.

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