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Resident's Page: Imaging
March 1999

Imaging Quiz Case 2

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Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 1999;125(3):348-352. doi:

Osteomas are benign bone tumors that, with the exception of exostosis, are most often found in the temporal bone. Their predominant location is the external auditory meatus, followed by the mastoid and temporal squamae. They are rare in the internal auditory meatus,1,2 where the possible nerve compression can produce secondary functional impairments.3 Much rarer still is their development in the middle ear, where, to our knowledge, only 9 cases, located in the petrous pyramid, eustachian tube, footplate, incus, and promontory or lateral semicircular canal, had previously been reported4 until another, situated on the basal turn of the cochlea, was recently added.5 We could find no other reports of osteoma located at this site in the medical literature.

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