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February 1925


Arch Otolaryngol. 1925;1(2):186-197. doi:10.1001/archotol.1925.00560010198008

In the light of recent investigation, there is an increasing and very justifiable reluctance to regard the so-called status lymphaticus as a pathologic entity, but this should not preclude its title adoption in a fresh discussion of the diagnostic problem involved in such an important physiologic and pathologic alteration complex. Its correlation with the researches of our own fellows, Loeb and Mayer,1 on operative fatality incidence is most intimate and the purpose of this paper is to discuss this pathology, the problem involved in its preventive diagnosis, review the necropsy record and present for discussion a case report.

Here is a state of systemic alteration, variously synonymed, according to Ohlmacher2 as: "Lymphatic constitution, lymphatic dyscrasia, lymphaticus habitus, lymphatic diathesis, lymphaticus chlorotic constitution, lymphatism status thymicus, status thymus lymphaticus;" the thymic asthma of Kopp,3 the status lymphaticus of Paltauf,4 the status thymicolymphaticus of Kohlbry,5 historically confused with leukemia, pseudoleukemia, scrofula, chlorosis