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April 1925

PROGRESS IN OTOLARYNGOLOGY: A Summary of the Bibliographic Material Available in the Field of Otolaryngology: TONSILLITIS AND TONSILLECTOMY: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE OF 1924

Arch Otolaryngol. 1925;1(4):423-443. doi:10.1001/archotol.1925.00560010443010

Twenty years ago, a member of the Academy, rising before that body to discuss some phase of the tonsil question, sought indulgence of his audience for dwelling on a subject which "has been threshed out over and over again; so often that it is almost as much as a man's reputation is worth to say anything about it." If this still be true, then the last twelve months have witnessed the passing of many a bright reputation.

Writers today exhibit none of this reticence, but, on the contrary, are turning out articles on all phases of the tonsil question at the rate of four or five a week. Naturally, the great majority of these communications do not contribute anything to the sum of knowledge. On scanning the literature of ten to twenty years ago, one encounters much the same discussions that are afoot today. With a few signal exceptions, current