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June 1928

Progress in Otolaryngology: A Summary of the Bibliographic Material Available in the Field of Otolaryngology: CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE DEAFNESS: INCLUDING OTOSCLEROSIS AND PATHOLOGY OF THE INNER EAR

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Arch Otolaryngol. 1928;7(6):637-651. doi:10.1001/archotol.1928.00620010665015

Kopetzky1 recently published in the ARCHIVES some further studies on progressive deafness, in which he stated his conviction that otosclerosis as a distinct entity does not exist, and that in most instances it is a local manifestation of a general disorder. He classified his cases according to the audiometric curves, of which there were four types, namely, (1) a straight line, (2) a diagonal line running up to the right, (3) a diagonal line running down to the right and (4) a curve with a dip downward at both ends.

In the last group, in which there was a hearing defect at both ends of the scale, 88 per cent of the patients stated that their deafness was progressive. A definite history of deafness in blood relatives was given by 60 per cent. Increased bone conduction was present in 100 per cent of these patients, and there was

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