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October 1929

Progress in Otolaryngology: A Summary of the Bibliographic Material Available in the Field of Otolaryngology: PLASTIC SURGERY

Arch Otolaryngol. 1929;10(4):426-428. doi:10.1001/archotol.1929.00620070100008

No sooner had it been demonstrated that the use of acriflavine hydrochloride in acetone solution as a skin dressing immediately antecedent to surgical incision afforded increased security against subsequent infections, the origin of which was in the skin itself, than new experiments indicated that there was still a higher degree of immunity to be had by substituting a mixture of methylene blue (methylthionine chloride, U. S. P.) and gentian violet. Since in all these procedures for reorganization and replacement infection is peculiarly objectionable, because of its liability to produce new disfigurements, measures directed toward its prevention are of essential interest. The order of the progress made in this field is significant. First, there was almost implicit dependence on the efficacy of iodine. Then it was shown that several forms of infection-producing germ life were immune not only to iodine but to other solutions. And now the experiments conducted