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October 1933


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Arch Otolaryngol. 1933;18(4):527-530. doi:10.1001/archotol.1933.03580060559010

This paper is concerned with protruding ears that are especially objectionable because of the bending out or lopping of the upper portion and the protrusion of the lobe, accompanied by a general displacement forward of the entire ear.

Most ears with these characteristics are unusually large, and when they are brought back closer to the head by removal of the soft tissues as I shall describe, the lopping of the upper portion remains, and the lobe is still in an abnormally prominent position.

In the present case, on careful analysis I noted that the absence of an anthelix was one of the most disfiguring factors, giving a "dog ear" appearance and accentuating the size by presenting an unbroken surface.

OPERATION  First, the general forward position of the ear was corrected in the manner described by Kerrison,1 except that the incisions were carried to the extreme upper and lower attachments

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