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October 1936

Progress in Otolaryngology: Summaries of the Bibliographic Material Available in the Field of Otolaryngology: ACUTE AND CHRONIC OTITIS MEDIA, SINUS THROMBOSIS AND SUPPURATION OF THE PETROUS PYRAMID

Arch Otolaryngol. 1936;24(4):505-526. doi:10.1001/archotol.1936.00640050517010

In the review of the literature covering 1935 the great amount of work from the Russian otolaryngologists is striking. These observers seem deeply concerned with fundamentals, and they appear to be passing through a phase of study through which the rest of the otologic world has gone and on which it has reached accepted conclusions. With the Russian observers these matters are now in a stage of acute controversy. Perhaps in the end their reexamination of fundamentals may serve for a revaluation and also serve the purpose of showing the necessity for a revision of previously accepted ideas. To date, however, no noteworthy new concept has been developed.

Furthermore, the current literature gives evidence that the topic of petrositis has lost its strangeness and novelty. It is accepted as established in otology. The American students of the lesions of the petrosal pyramid collaborated in the presentation of a symposium