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February 1938


Arch Otolaryngol. 1938;27(2):208-232. doi:10.1001/archotol.1938.00650030217011

This review of the literature dealing1 with progress made in studies of the anatomic and physiologic relations of the ear does not cover all the available bibliographic material. We have utilized abstracts whenever possible, and translations were made when the articles were of such importance as to warrant the effort. The number of articles reviewed, therefore, is not great, but, in our opinion, is adequate to summarize the present day view.

ANATOMIC AND HISTOLOGIC RELATIONS OF THE LABYRINTH  Bast2 introduced the name utriculo-endolymphatic valve to designate a highly cellular connective tissue flap lined by columnar epithelium which guards the utricular opening into the endolymphatic canal. The valve is described as a fold of the posterior wall of the utricle and the endolymphatic canal at the point of junction of the two structures. Serial sections of twenty-five human fetal ears formed the basis for the study.Bast suggested that the position

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