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September 1938


Arch Otolaryngol. 1938;28(3):418-451. doi:10.1001/archotol.1938.00650040427012

OSTEOMYELITIS  Behrens117 presents a thorough review of osteomyelitis with an analysis of the various factors as brought out in recent literature and offers a detailed report of 7 cases observed personally. He finds that the exciting cause is usually trauma, either operative or accidental, or acute exacerbation of a chronic infection with the staphylococcus as the most frequent offender. Most patients are under 30, and women are affected more frequently than men. Swimming also has been recorded as a common exciting factor. Direct infection of canaliculi and medullary spaces following trauma such as curetting infected bone is frequently noted in the pathogenesis. It has been found also that infection spreads by way of venous channels from the sinal mucosa to the extradural and the subdural spaces. Retrograde thrombophlebitis is often present. The author divides osteomyelitis into localized and spreading. The former spreads slowly in the region of the initial lesion

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