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March 1939


Arch Otolaryngol. 1939;29(3):560-577. doi:10.1001/archotol.1939.00650050594018

In reviewing the literature from October 1937 through September 1938 pertaining to the anatomy and physiology of the ear, we present summaries and abstracts of articles that permit the reader in a brief time to obtain a panorama of the field concerned. The review is not intended to be self sufficient as are the original articles. Translations of foreign literature were made when the articles were of special value.

DEVELOPMENTAL ANATOMY  In another contribution to the study of the development of the otic capsule Bast1 describes the fossula post fenestram, which is similar to the fissula ante fenestram described previously by him.He has observed thatThe fossula post fenestram is an evagination of the periotic tissue extending into the bony capsule just posterior to the oval window, at a point about one third of the way between the oval window and the nonampullated end of the lateral semicircular canal.

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