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May 1945


Arch Otolaryngol. 1945;41(5):375-393. doi:10.1001/archotol.1945.00680030404011

Presidential Address.Dr. Wesley C. Bowers, New York.  The 1943 meeting was canceled because of transportation difficulties. With improvement in war conditions it was felt that a meeting should be held in 1944 to coordinate and disseminate new knowledge, the pursuit of which was accelerated by the war, and in particular to consider rehabilitation problems.Outstanding advances are the further development of the blood bank, the use of blood substitutes, especially plasma in shock, and the discovery of the Rh factor. The development of chemotherapy is one of the great advances of the century. Many conditions formerly considered hopeless now are controlled. Unfortunately, indiscriminate use of sulfonamide drugs for minor ailments may lead to sensitivity of the patient and inability to use these drugs for serious infections. Penicillin, nontoxic and effective against infections with grampositive organisms and with pneumococci, has had its production speeded by military necessity and will soon