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July 1948

BARTOLOMMEO EUSTACHIO: A Great Medical Genius Whose Chief Masterpiece Remained Hidden for One Hundred and Fifty Years

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Arch Otolaryngol. 1948;48(1):58-66. doi:10.1001/archotol.1948.00690040065008

THERE are few anatomic structures better known than the eustachian tube. It is well known not only to doctors but also to the ordinary layman, especially if he is one who has, at sometime or other, had to go to the doctor because of a stuffy sensation in the ears resulting from a cold. The doctor has told him that his trouble was due to a swelling of the lining membrane of the eustachian tube, causing obstruction and deafness, and the chances are that sooner or later he has found it necessary to have the tube "blown out" in order to have his deafness relieved.

As I shall later show, Dr. Eustachio is entitled to much greater fame than most historians have seen fit to accord him; but a strict regard for facts compels me to say that he is not fully deserving of the fame of having his name

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