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September 1948

STAPES, FISSULA ANTE FENESTRAM AND ASSOCIATED STRUCTURES IN MAN: V. From the Fetus of 160 Mm. (Five Months) to Newborn Infant

Arch Otolaryngol. 1948;48(3):263-300. doi:10.1001/archotol.1948.00690040274001

IN CONTINUATION of an investigation into the developmental and adult anatomy of the auditory ossicles, of the otic capsule and of the extracapsular portion of the temporal bone, attention has been focused on the stapes, the vestibular (oval) window and the anteriorly situated fissular tract, which regularly opens into the fenestra. Two introductory articles in the series dealt with the general features of stapedial and fissular morphogenesis1; in more recent articles, through a study of more than 200 otologic series of graded age levels, details were supplied to account for the steps in development from the stage of primordial appearance in cartilage to the assumption of adult form and dimensions.2

From a selected set of 75 specimens thirty-two crucial stages were especially studied as the basis for the present contribution; of these twenty-one are represented in the illustrations.

MATERIAL AND METHODS  All of the series described and the figures presented

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