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October 1948


Arch Otolaryngol. 1948;48(4):430-462. doi:10.1001/archotol.1948.00690040442005

ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, PATHOLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS  Anatomy.—Canaveris1 made a study of the sinuses in the dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig and hog as a basis for comparison with the human anatomy. Points of similarity and differences are noted with the help of several fairly good photographs of cross sections of the head. The details are too numerous to permit an adequate abstract in a limited space. In the dog one finds a frontal, a maxillary and a small sphenoid sinus. The cat has a large frontal and sphenoid sinus and a rather small antrum. In the guinea pig all the sinuses are more or less rudimentary. The same applies to the rabbit. In the hog one finds the sinuses more definitely developed. If one is interested in comparative anatomy, it would be well worth while to read the article in its entirety.Physiology.—In an extensive monograph replete with technical details, summaries

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