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February 1949


Arch Otolaryngol. 1949;49(2):135-150. doi:10.1001/archotol.1949.03760080013002

THE PURPOSE of this presentation is to stress certain important anatomic landmarks and surgical maneuvers which have proved extremely valuable to me in developing a technic of endaural temporal bone surgery.

The endaural incision is slightly changed from the original Lempert1 technic in that the no. 1 incision (A) is placed more external in the skin of the ear canal. The no. 2 incision (B) is completed in the usual way, and the no. 3 incision (C) follows the edge of the conchal cartilage.

The incision is first outlined in gentian violet before local infiltration of the area with procaine hydrochloride obscures the usual landmarks. A Bard-Parker knife with a no. 15 blade is used to make the incision. A small tragus retractor replaces the Lempert ear speculum for this procedure. The triangular piece of skin removed is very small, and the entire incision is extracartilaginous. This incision allows