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June 1954


AMA Arch Otolaryngol. 1954;59(6):747-748. doi:10.1001/archotol.1954.00710050759008

Much has been written concerning the etiology and treatment of atrophic rhinitis. In this paper I shall present a small series of cases of this unpleasant disease on which a mode of therapy has been used that has not been described previously, insofar as I can discover.

ETIOLOGY  Lederer1 lists many possibilities as to the cause of atrophic rhinitis, among which are that the disease follows hypertrophic rhinitis, heredity, anatomic deformities, chronic suppurative rhinitis, trauma, syphilis, and other causes which are discussed.

PATHOLOGY  Jackson and Jackson3 state that the cause is unknown and that there is atrophy of the epithelium, glands, and vessels. Imperatori and Burman2 suggest that there is perivascular infiltration of round cells and destruction of the nerve and organs. Lederer1 describes a desquamation of the columnar ciliated cells and replacement by stratified squamous epithelium. There is a decrease of connective tissue, obliteration of

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