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April 1955

Head and Neck Tumors

AMA Arch Otolaryngol. 1955;61(4):429-432. doi:10.1001/archotol.1955.00720020445009

INCIDENCE  Head and neck tumors reportedly occur in men 7 to 10 times1 as frequently as in women. One wonders if this doesn't imply a sex linkage in reference to their etiology. There are two exceptions, which are salivary gland and thyroid tumors. These are even in male and female distribution and may even be slightly more frequent in women.Head and neck tumors occur mostly in the "cancer age," that is, the middle and later decades. Again salivary and thyroid carcinoma prove exceptions. They occur over a much broader age span.

PATHOLOGY  Ninety-five per cent of these head and neck tumors are squamous carcinoma. This means they usually arise from skin or mucous membranes of the head and neck. Pathologists differentiate squamous and epidermoid carcinoma. The term squamous carcinoma is reserved for these tumors in which pearl formation due to the presence of a keratinforming element is the