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October 1958

A Clinical Report of Footplate Fenestration Published Sixty Years Ago

AMA Arch Otolaryngol. 1958;68(4):424-425. doi:10.1001/archotol.1958.00730020438003

While we were preparing a report to be presented before the Société belge d'OtoRhino-Laryngologie, the following observation by H. A. Alderton came to our notice (Hicguet and Van Eyck, 1947). The title of the clinical paper was "Trephining of Stapedial Footplate for Otitis Media Sclerosa," and it appeared in 1898. In view of the present extensive interest in stapes mobilization and footplate fenestration in otology, it seems of interest to call the attention of our colleagues to that old contribution, which, in view of its historical interest, seems to deserve publication in extenso.

So wrote Alderton:

Miss Lillian F. came under the writer's care Dec. 10, 1896, complaining of hardness of hearing and tinnitus in both ears, more marked in the right. The whisper was heard in the right ear at 4½ feet for the most audible sentences. Eustachian tube free.

Tuning fork reaction.

After treatment with the catheter, etc.,

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