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June 1959

The Use of Mucosal Flaps for Wound Rehabilitation in Partial Laryngectomy

Author Affiliations

New York
From the Head and Neck Department of the Pack Medical Group and the Surgical Service of St. Vincent's Hospital.

AMA Arch Otolaryngol. 1959;69(6):700-703. doi:10.1001/archotol.1959.00730030714006

Operations for cancer of the larynx consist of partial and total laryngectomy. Partial laryngectomy procedures are well established techniques and the indications for their clinical use are well understood. That aspect will not be discussed in this paper. The refinements of wound rehabilitation have lagged, however. Such rehabilitative measures are indicated in a variety of intrinsic carcinomas of the vocal apparatus. These cancers may be limited to one cord; they may approach the anterior commissure or involve the anterior commissure and a portion of the opposite cord; they may encroach posteriorly on the arytenoid; they may have subglottic extension; they may invade the ventricular band. The surgical techniques applied to the removal of these lesions progress from peroral cordectomy by suspension laryngoscopy, simple laryngofissure, hemilaryngectomy to subtotal laryngectomy, including a portion of the larynx on the contralateral side.

Few attempts have been made by the operative surgeons to rehabilitate these