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May 1960

Chronic Progressive Deafness, Including Otosclerosis and Diseases of the Internal Ear: Summaries of the Bibliographic Material Available for 1956

Author Affiliations

Milan, Italy; Krakow, Poland; Los Angeles
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Wayne State University (Dr. Proctor); Professor Agrégé à la Faculté de Médecine, University of Bordeaux (Dr. Portmann); Prof. Dott., University of Milan (Dr. Bozzi); Medical Academy Docent in Otolaryngology, University of Krakow (Dr. Szpunar), and Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, College of Medical Evangelists (Dr. Pick).

AMA Arch Otolaryngol. 1960;71(5):811-873. doi:10.1001/archotol.1960.03770050071013

The literature on the subject of deafness continues to increase annually so that this review assumes a corresponding increase in its length. Many excellent papers have been excluded for reasons of space. We continue to have the cooperation of Dr. Portmann for the French, Dr. Bozzi for the Italian, Dr. Szpunar for the Polish and Russian, and Dr. Pick for the German and some of the English literature.

The material has been arranged in the following order: Otosclerosis; Méninère's disease; Tympanoplasty; Toxic Labyrinthitis; Noise Deafness; The Ear in Head Trauma; Deafness in Children; Presbycusis; Miscellaneous Papers on Deafness; Medical Treatment of Deafness; Tinnitus; Vertigo; Intracranial Tumors; Vestibular Tests; Anatomy of the Ear, and Physiology of the Ear.

Otosclerosis  Histological examination of skin from the cheeks, neck, and external auditory meatus of a series of otosclerosis patients of all ages revealed marked capillary dilatation, progressive degeneration of the papillae, unnoteworthy dilatation

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