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December 1960

Functional Examination of Hearing: Summaries of the Bibliographic Material Available for 1958-1959

Arch Otolaryngol. 1960;72(6):798-822. doi:10.1001/archotol.1960.00740010812015

Clinical Tests  The late Dr. Kobrak1 described an automatic self-recording pure-tone mass audiometer for industrial purposes. After discussing the great need for mass testing of employees, particularly from the standpoint of preventing and judging acquired industrial hearing impairment, the author makes the point that the training of industrial audiologic technicians is not the answer to the problem. His instrument differs from other automatic audiometers in that it has no generator of its own. The test tones are given from a tape recorder with the testees hearing the sounds through telephone receivers. When the worker hears the tone he presses a button; by electrical relays the pressing of the button is recorded on a piece of paper at a distant machine; each testee has a certain line on the paper. The graph paper on which the recording is to be done has to be synchronized with the tape recorder sound