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June 1966

Historical Vignette

Arch Otolaryngol. 1966;83(6):615-619. doi:10.1001/archotol.1966.00760020617027

THOUGH I am sure that every serious student of otology knows the name Ewald (Fig 1), knows about his "laws," his "pneumatic hammer" (Fig 2), and perhaps about his Schallbilder theory, I am equally certain that the younger generation does not know much more about him. And as Ewald appears to be an interesting scientist and a sympathetic man, it seems worthwhile to try and get some insight into the life of this professor of physiology at Strassburg University.

As Ewald lived from Feb 14, 1855, to July 22, 1921, many people who have known him and many more who have read his work are still alive. Nevertheless it is not so easy to get access to the sources, as Ewald spent almost his entire life as a scientist in the city of Strassburg, a French city before 1870 and

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