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April 1967

Fiberoptic Endotoscopes for Examining the Middle Ear

Arch Otolaryngol. 1967;85(4):387-393. doi:10.1001/archotol.1967.00760040389009

TWO FIBEROPTIC instruments to be used for direct visualization of the structures of the middle ear are described. Direct visualization is of considerable value in the diagnosis and presurgical evaluation of middle ear disease. Until now, visual evaluation of the middle ear has been possible only by surgical entrance or by peephole views through perforations in the tympanic membrane. Also, some indirect knowledge of the middle ear has been obtainable from the appearance of the tympanic membrane.

The two instruments developed for visualization of the middle ear fulfill the following specifications: (a) the diameter of the probe is small enough to permit insertion through a perforation or myringotomy; (b) the source of light for illumination of the specimen area is located externally so as not to damage the inner ear; and (c) an image of the specimen formed at the distal end of the probe is transmitted from the middle