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September 1972

Fine Morphology of the Tectorial Membrane: Its Relationship to the Organ of Corti

Author Affiliations

Columbus, Ohio
From the Otological Research Laboratories, Department of Otolaryngology, Ohio State University, College of Medicine, Columbus, Ohio.

Arch Otolaryngol. 1972;96(3):199-215. doi:10.1001/archotol.1972.00770090321001

Tectorial membranes of humans and animals were examined with the scanning and transmission electron microscopes. The outer margin of the tectorial membrane is formed by the marginal band and marginal net which anchor to the phalanges of the outermost row of Deiters' cells or Hensen's cells, or both.

The tallest rows of the "W" formation of the outer sensory cell hairs are firmly embedded in Hardesty's membrane, which is a continuation of the "marginal complex." Hensen's stripe, also found on the undersurface of the membrane near the inner hair cells, is morphologically similar to the marginal complex. The stripe possesses well-arranged "trabeculae" on its outer margin. These trabeculae are thought to anchor to the inner phalanges of inner phalangeal cells or border cells, or both.