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March 1993


Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 1993;119(3):350-353. doi:10.1001/archotol.1993.01880150106017

Pathologic Quiz Case 1  John Bizakis, MD; John Segas, MD; Maria Tsardis, MD; George Velegrakis, MD; Hariton Papadakis, MD; George Kavvalos, MD; Emmanuel Helidonis, MD, Crete, GreeceA 62-year-old man presented with a 2-month history of dysphagia for solid foods and the characteristic "hot potato" voice. The patient had no other significant medical history except for mild diabetes mellitus.Physical examination revealed a soft swelling of the left side of the soft palate, with displacement of the left tonsil medially, and of the uvula on the right side (Fig 1[the u indicates the uvula; the arrowheads point to the lesion]). There was no pain, tenderness, or evidence of infection. The mucosa of the oropharynx was normal. There were no other findings in the head and neck area. The results of laboratory investigations, including a complete blood cell count and urinalysis, were normal.Computed tomography revealed a poorly encapsulated parapharyngeal space

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