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September 1918


Am J Dis Child. 1918;16(3):165-179. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1918.01910150034005

Psychogenic diseases play an important rôle in childhood; they are at this period of life much more frequent and their nature is more easily demonstrated than in the adult; they are to a high degree subject to the influence of suggestion therapy and therefore possessed of a paramount importance in the practice of the pediatrician. The necessity of the recognition and appropriate valuation of the psychic elements in the complex of clinical syndromes cannot be emphasized enough.

DEFINITION  We understand by psychogenic diseases those disorders that emanate and originate from psychic processes, namely, from conscious, subconscious or unconscious ideas, associations, conclusions and impressions with or without accompanying emotions of the affected child. Though many of such disturbances are of hysterical nature, we must be cautious not to identify hysteria with the much broader term of psychogeny. Pain, fear, anxiety and worry, for instance, accompany in the adult perhaps every important