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Progress in Pediatrics
June 1921


Author Affiliations

State University of Iowa IOWA CITY

Am J Dis Child. 1921;21(6):586-634. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1921.01910360069008

THE HEART  The electrocardiogram during the past year has become more extensively used, and more carefully studied. There are many points on which observers disagree, but certain fixed conclusions stand out clearly and its value in aiding diagnosis is undisputed. It is interesting to learn that in all of Paris Ribierre1 knows of only two hospitals equipped for electrocardiography. To remedy this he suggests that medical societies in the smaller cities should acquire equipment to be loaned to the members.Mann2 describes his monocardiogram, which is an attempt to combine the graphs obtained in Leads I, II and III into a single curve. It is based on the fact that Lead II equals Lead III plus Lead I or the algebraic sum of the ordinates in Leads III and I at the same instant. By finding the location of the center of negativity at subsequent time intervals and

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