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August 1925


Am J Dis Child. 1925;30(2):195-198. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1925.01920140055004

About one year ago, Alfred F. Hess reported the interesting observation that when cotton and linseed oils are irradiated with the mercury vapor quartz lamp and then fed to rats along with a rickets-producing diet, they tend to prevent the development of rickets. More recently, Hess and Weinstock claim to have obtained similar results with a number of chemical substances, especially with cholesterol and phytosterol. Steenbock and his associates state that "growth promoting" and "calcium depositing properties" may be imparted to a large number of chemical substances by irradiation. All of these studies were made on animals. It is well known that cow's milk has practically no power to cure rickets in children. It seemed interesting, therefore, to determine whether sufficient antirachitic power to bring about actual cure of rickets in children can be imparted to milk by irradiation.

TREATMENT AND DIET  Eight children suffering from active, and in most