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Progress in Pediatrics
August 1926


Am J Dis Child. 1926;32(2):258-269. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1926.04130080098009

THE TREATMENT OF SYPHILIS  Since the last review of syphilis in this journal, several new antisyphilitic remedies have been brought forward and several that have had some previous use have attained greater prominence. Among the new preparations sulpharsphenamine and flumerin seem of definite merit. Bismuth, which was suggested for use in treatment many years ago, has had its usefulness established during the past few years. Tryparsamide has been extensively employed in cases of neurosyphilis. Perhaps of greater importance than these additions to our means of treatment of syphilis is the fact, only recently generally recognized, that in sodium thiosulphate, a drug relatively harmless, we have an excellent remedy for many of the ill effects which may be produced by the antisyphilitic drugs.

SULPHARSPHENAMINE  Voegtlin, Johnson and Dyer,45 late in 1922, reported the preparation of a new arsenical, namely, sulpharsphenamine, which has some definite advantages over the older arsphenamines in

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