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Progress in Pediatrics
May 1927


Am J Dis Child. 1927;33(5):786-797. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1927.04130170084013

The question whether or not von Jaksch's "anemia pseudo-leukemica infantum" is entitled to retain a place in medical nomenclature seems still to be unsettled. In spite of the fact that many authors, especially Americans,1 have expressed themselves definitely as in favor of dropping the name, on the ground that it does not connote any distinct disease entity, the diagnosis is still made in not a few clinics2 by men whose opinion is entitled to weight, and who seem to feel that it has a special significance. The English use the term freely, though apparently with some hesitation as to separating it definitely from "infantile splenic anemia," which some of them seem to consider as distinct from the splenic anemia of later years.3 On the continent the name seems to be in general use, though perhaps without any unanimity of opinion either as to diagnostic criteria or as

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