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Case Reports
October 1929


Author Affiliations

From the Presbyterian Hospital and the Children's Memorial Hospital.

Am J Dis Child. 1929;38(4):804-817. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1929.01930100124014

The importance of the obstructive uropathies is being stressed more and more as time goes on. The danger resulting when these obstructions are not recognized and removed is fully realized today, complete and accurate urologic study in urinary cases having enlightened physicians as to the gravity of this type of lesion. Formerly, the study of obstructive uropathies dealt only with cases in the adult, the possibility and frequency of this lesion occurring during infancy and childhood being completely neglected. And even in adults obstructions of this nature were overlooked, except in those in whom the condition was well advanced and who showed the gravest injury to the higher urinary tract, the result being that when the obstruction was recognized, surgical relief was out of the question.

The type of obstruction is somewhat different in the child from what it is in the adult. In the adult male benign hypertrophy of