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Pediatric Biographies
January 1930

JOHN PECHEY 1655-1718: 1655-1718

Am J Dis Child. 1930;39(1):179-184. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1930.01930130191021

Every student of Sydenham is familiar with what, if it is not the best, is at any rate the most readable English translation, that by John Pechey, and it is on this that the latter's fame chiefly rests. Few indeed are there who know that Pechey wrote a good book on the diseases of children, not to mention other publications of more or less interest.

There were two Johns of nearly the same name. This has led to some confusion which has been cleared up by G. C. Peachey.1 The name was originally Peche, and various members of the family spelled it differently. The two Johns were descended from different branches of the family. John Peachi received his M.D. in Caen, practiced in Gloucestershire and was extra urbem licentiate of the College of Physicians. The other John was the son of William Pechey, of Chichester, himself a practitioner of