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Case Reports
February 1931


Am J Dis Child. 1931;41(2):344-350. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1931.01940080122009

Acute polymyositis is a comparatively rare condition in childhood. The case to be described here is being reported for the following reasons: It conforms to the classic description of polymyositis; the course was hyperacute, ending in death within ten days; pathologic observations established a streptococcus as the etiologic factor, and finally there was a possible association between the fatal illness and a streptococcus infection that occurred a year previously.

REPORT OF CASE  Joan S., 5½ years old, had suffered from measles and chickenpox at the age of 2½ years, and had had the usual infections of the upper part of the respiratory tract. One year previous to the present illness, when she was 4½ years old, a discharge from the ear developed. A month later, a subperiosteal abscess formed in the region of the zygomatic bone, and a mastoidectomy was done. The postoperative course was stormy, with high fever; Streptococcus

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