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Pediatric Biographies
February 1934

TOBIAS KATZ 1652-1729

Am J Dis Child. 1934;47(2):399-401. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1934.01960090140015

Apparently not a great deal is known about the details of the life of Tobias Katz, one of the Jewish physicians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. What is known was embodied in two articles by A. Levinson, in 1917.1

Tobias was born in 1652 at Metz, where his father had settled after being driven out of Russia by the Cossacks, and he lived in Metz until the death of his father; then he went to Krakow, where he studied medicine. This move was only the first in a long series of travels which led to Tobias mastering nine languages and acquiring a knowledge of the life of peoples in many lands. Later he studied in Frankfort and afterward in Padua, where he took his degree in medicine. In Adrianople, he wrote his book "Maaseh Tuviah, The Work of Tobias," which was published in Venice. In his wanderings he

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