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Progress in Pediatrics
March 1934


Am J Dis Child. 1934;47(3):612-628. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1934.01960100138018

INJECTION INTO RABBITS  The observations reported in parts I, II and III10 on the similarity between the streptococci found in cultures from the throat, in stools and in intestinal tracts (Streptococcus micro-apoikia enteritidis) strongly suggested the relation of this group of organisms to enteritis. The present report presents the experimental results obtained by injection of Streptococcus micro-apoikia enteritidis into rabbits and monkeys.Rabbits.—Young healthy chinchilla rabbits about 2½ pounds in weight were used. Most of these were kept under observation for two weeks before use. The various materials were injected intravenously. After injection, the animals were placed in individual cages; they were weighed daily, and their temperatures were taken morning and evening. In some instances the blood pictures were studied before and after the injections. When it appeared that the rabbits were near death, they were killed, necropsies were performed and material was obtained for bacteriologic study. Otherwise they were studied

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