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November 1937


Am J Dis Child. 1937;54(5):1019-1024. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1937.01980050049006

When one introduces a new tuberculin test, one must show that it is really new and, at the same time, useful. Essentially, there are three types of tuberculin tests: (1) the cutaneous test of von Pirquet, (2) the intracutaneous test of Mantoux and (3) the percutaneous test of Moro. Of these, the Mantoux test, with increasing doses, gives satisfactory results. Since the doses can be graduated, the necessary amount of tuberculin can be brought into contact with the reacting tissue. Whenever a question of differential diagnosis arises, the Mantoux test is indispensable. Since with a 0.01 mg. dose this test corresponds in sensitivity to the much simpler Pirquet test, one should always begin with the Pirquet test. If the result of that is negative, one should proceed with the Mantoux test, using 0.1 mg. and finally 1 mg. Such a procedure eliminates reactivation of an old tuberculous lesion or aggravation