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October 1940


Am J Dis Child. 1940;60(4):812-826. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1940.02000040031003

As hemolytic anemia manifests itself only rarely in early infancy and because the symptoms and progress differ when it does so appear, I have deemed it worth while to attempt to point out the essential features of this disease entity when seen at an early age.

In 1 of the 3 cases here reported symptoms were noted at birth, and in the other 2, at 4 months of age. In none of the 3 could a familial history be obtained.

The following descriptive terms for this condition have been noted in the literature: congenital acholuric jaundice; splenomegalic icterus, Hayem; congenital family cholemia; congenital hemolytic icterus; congenital hemolytic anemia, and congenital or familial hemolytic disease. The Minkowski-Chauffard type is the familial or congenital type; it was first classed as a clinical entity by Minkowski1 in 1900, and in 1907 Chauffard2 linked this condition with lowering of erythrocytic resistance. The

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