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Case Reports
February 1945


Am J Dis Child. 1945;69(2):103-107. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1945.02020140035006

The appearance in my private service of 2 cases of hemorrhagic uremia at the same time prompted this report. Most of the textbooks on pediatrics do not mention hemorrhagic uremia. The few cases cited in the literature involved adults.1

REPORT OF CASES  Case 1.—A. N., a 6½ year old girl, was admitted to the Milwaukee Children's Hospital on April 8, 1944. The complaint at entrance was vomiting, which had begun seven days previously and occurred after every meal. Four days after the onset diarrhea and abdominal pain after eating developed.The birth and developmental history of the child were normal. She had had scarlet fever at 4½ years of age. The family physician reported no complications.Examination on admission revealed marked anemia, slight edema of the face and numerous petechiae on the left side of the face. The tongue was dry and coated. There were numerous petechiae on the