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Progress in Pediatrics
April 1946

GASTRIC PHASE OF MILK DIGESTION IN CHILDHOOD: A Study of the Fasting Secretions and of the Physiologic Responses to "Hard Curd" (Pasteurized) and "Soft Curd" (Homogenized) Milks

Author Affiliations

From the Children's Hospital and the Children's Heart Hospital.

Am J Dis Child. 1946;71(4):394-422. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1946.02020270064007

THE investigations here reported describe an attempt to determine what occurs inside the stomach of the average child on drinking cow's milk. Answers have been sought to four questions:

  1. When a child drinks a glass of milk, what is the makeup of the fasting gastric secretions which receive the milk?

  2. What measurable changes take place in the milk during its stay in the stomach?

  3. To what extent does the child's stomach digest the proteins of cow's milk?

  4. Do the gastric responses to a modified soft curd milk, such as homogenized pasteurized milk, differ from those to the more hard curd plain pasteurized milk?

These matters are not fully understood, even though one of the major pediatric achievements of this half century has been the successful adaptation of cow's milk as a substitute for breast milk.

Of all the organic systems in the body the digestive tract

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