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July 1946

CELIAC SYNDROME: IV. Chemotherapy in Infections of the Respiratory Tract Associated with Cystic Fibrosis of the Pancreas; Observations with Penicillin and Drugs of the Sulfonamide Group, with Special Reference to Penicillin Aerosol

Am J Dis Child. 1946;72(1):17-61. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1946.02020300024003

THE clinical recognition of congenital pancreatic deficiency has become more frequent in recent years with the clearer delineation of the clinical features of the disease and the possibility of confirming the diagnosis by assay of the duodenal juice for pancreatic enzymes,1 The problems of therapy have become correspondingly pressing. Treatment directed toward the nutritional difficulty has been discussed in a previous paper.2Treatment of infection of the respiratory tract forms the subject of the present report. There is evidently a close relationship between the nutritional difficulty and the infection of the respiratory tract, since the latter has not appeared in those few patients who have received appropriate dietary therapy prior to the onset of a chronic cough.2 It seems reasonable to believe that the failure of these children to absorb adequate amounts of vitamin A on a normal diet may contribute to their susceptibility to bronchitis, but