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June 1944


Am J Dis Child. 1944;67(6):429-444. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1944.02020060002001

Throughout several years' observation the uniformity of the clinical response of children with diabetes mellitus to the treatment of the initial episode of glycosuria has been brought forcibly to our attention. Such uniformity is attained, to be sure, only when certain therapeutic policies and practices are observed. When this is done, however, the course of one patient conforms so closely to that of the next that it has been possible to predict that in the majority of instances, irrespective of the condition of the patient when treatment is begun, a previously untreated diabetic child will be discharged from the hospital within twenty-two to thirty days after admission on an adequate, "normal" diet, in a stable state, free from glycosuria and from hypoglycemic shock and requiring a single daily injection of 2 to 8 units of regular insulin. The regimen by which these results are achieved will be described later in