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May 1951


AMA Am J Dis Child. 1951;81(5):651-663. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1951.02040030664004

SINCE the roentgen appearance of pneumatosis intestinalis, or intestinal emphysema, in children has not previously been reported, the following two cases are recorded.

REPORT OF CASES  Case 1.–S. C. was the second born of premature twins delivered on Jan. 11, 1950 at about seven months of gestation. After discharge from the hospital the patient did not eat well and was readmitted for premature care, at which time he had up to 12 loose green stools a day. There was no vomiting. On readmission on February 9 the patient still had diarrhea and refused to eat. At that time he weighed 4 pounds 12 ounces (2,155 Gm.). He was dehydrated and cyanotic, with stippling of the skin of the trunk. On February 16 he began to have abdominal distention, vomited bile and had several bloody mucous stools.A scout film of the abdomen (fig. 1 A) showed gaseous distention of