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September 1956

II. Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

Author Affiliations

San Francisco; Portland, Ore.
Dr. Pickering's present address is Department of Pediatrics, University of Oregon Medical School.; From the Department of Pediatrics and (Dr. Scott) the Radioactivity Research Center at the University of California Medical Center.

AMA Am J Dis Child. 1956;92(3):284-291. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1956.02060030278006

Introduction  The present report deals with the effects of vitamin D deficiency on the dynamics of chemical growth and composition during the first 75 days of. life in the immature male Wistar rat. In the normal animal this early period of life is characterized by specific changes in chemical composition of bone, and these changes have been correlated with chemical growth and turnover and linear growth in other publications in this series.*Many studies have been reported which deal with the effects of vitamin D deficiency on somatic and skeletal growth,† skeletal morphology and maturation,‡ and on chemical composition and turnover of bone.§The following studies were undertaken to correlate chemical growth and turnover of the entire skeleton with serial changes in the chemical composition and linear growth of long bones in animals maintained on vitamin D-deficient and normal diets.

Materials and Methods  Male Wistar rats were used throughout this